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Memebox Face Mask Haul

I just picked up a package from memebox and wanted to share it with you! Personally, one of the quickest ways to feel like I’m taking care of myself, or to calm down and get in a good headspace when I’m having a bad day is to focus on some skin care. My skin’s rather oily, to the point where it feels dry and rough from the skin getting clogged in my pores because of the oil, but taking care of it is a sure fire way to make my face feel soft and give my self esteem a bit of an instant boost. This is the first time I’ve ordered from memebox, but I’ve used some different k beauty products before and loved them, so I’m excited to give this a try!

I mainly got things from the clearance section, since they were having an amazing sell when I went to check them out. Right now, they’re also doing a doorbuster event right now, so even more’s on sale from when I put in my order.

masks1 I’m always a sucker for a good face mask. I pretty much have my usual face care routine, and I don’t like to have a ton of cleaners/toners/moisturizers on hand because I’ll end up never going through any of them. But I will splurge and keep a lot of different face masks around so I can pick and choose what I want to do depending on how my skin’s feeling or what I’m focused in on as a problem area.

I got April Skin’s Mermaid Hydrogel Mask, which is a two piece face mask. It should hydrate skin, creating a smooth, dewy texture. As someone whose skin is extremely prone to a rough texture if I go even a day without exfoliating and moisturizing, anything that makes skin smooth is something I want to try! It has aloe vera and green tea in it, which I love in a face mask, along with lavender and jasmine extract. I’m a bit addicted to florals, and lavender is my absolute favorite. The smell and sensation is one of the most comforting things I can think of, so I was definitely all for it when it was included in this mask. With the sale price, the Mermaid mask was about $3.

Next is April Skin’s Mummy Mud Mask. This one I’m excited for because it’s sort of a hybrid mask; the best of both worlds between a sheet mask and a mud mask. It’s essentially a sheet mask, only instead of the essence that usually comes on the sheet, it has a clay mask formula presoaked into the sheet mask. The ingredient in this one I was really excited about was witch hazel, which is known to have a lot of beneficial properties, but also happens to be one of my favorite trees from when my mother worked at a nursery! It’s a really interesting plant, with beautiful bark and blossoms, so anytime I see something with witch hazel, I remember that and smile a bit! The clay on this mask is supposed to harden as it seeps into your skin, toning it and firming it, so it’s sure to be an interesting one to try! This one was about $4 with the sale.

I also got two modeling masks from the sale, which is something I haven’t tried before. These ones come in pouches or bowls that you add water to, mixing them up to make a thicker mask that should contour to your face. The first one is Purifying Charcoal at $2. Right now, one of my face care projects is working on minimizing my pores, so I’ve been on a bit of a charcoal kick. This one comes in a pouch, and it admittedly looks a little flimsy, so I’ll probably mix it up in my face care mixing bowl instead. The other modeling mask I got the Lindsay Lavender Modeling Mask Cup at $6. This one’s in a sturdier cup, so there shouldn’t be any problem mixing it in the container it comes in. It’s lavender, which I’ve already said is one of my favorite florals to work with, and lavender essence is great for detoxing skin and relaxing! sebum out peel

When I saw this next one on sale, I knew I had to get it. Like everyone else in the known universe, I’ve seen those charcoal peel masks taking over facebook ads and youtube vloggers, and I’ve wanted to try them. I have the bioré charcoal nose strips, but I’ve been wanting to try one that’s an actual mask. So this next one is W.Lab’s Sebum Out Peel Off Mask at $14. It’s like most other charcoal peel masks, in that it’s supposed to detox your skin by clinging to blackheads, dry skin, and excess oils and sebum that seep into and enlarge pores. When it dries, it rips them all off. I’m expecting a bit of pain with this, because I’ve watched too many worst case scenario videos on youtube, but hopefully it won’t be too bad! If it can get that gross oil out of my pores, it’ll totally be worth it!

hair sheepThe last single-item I got was the Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Mask at $4. My hair’s pretty much always been dead, since back home I’m on a well water system with an untold amount of undetermined minerals in the water. All of those minerals have really done a number on my hair, as have the treatments and processes and bleaches it’s gone through. Recently, I had it bleached ombré, which probably wasn’t the best for it either. But I had a botanical treatment done on it, which did wonders and really turned me on to hair treatment and trying hair masks. Add to it that this one’s super cute, and that sheep are my favorite animals and I collect all things lamb, I couldn’t resist! I’ll probably hang onto this one until I redye my hair; the color I had in faded, so I’m going to be putting purple into the tips soon, and I’ll do this a day or two after to give it a bit of a boost and some much needed TLC!

The thing I’m most excited for, though, is the Bonvivant Pretty In Pink Mask Kit! I really love memebox’s kit options, because they offer you a good assortment of items, and they’re almost always at a lower price than it would be to purchase all of these things alone. They’re really good ways to choose an assortment based on a theme or contents, and try a better variety of things! They have ones like a 30 Day Detox Chapretty in pink kitllenge where you do a mask a day, or things like a That Time of the Month Set to give yourself a bit of a pampering during an otherwise hellish week. This one, obviously, revolves around the color pink, which I’m never opposed to, and comes to $20.

This one has 9 sheet masks in total. It has 4 Acai Berry Botanical Pure Sheet Masks. It also has 3 Rose Botanical Real Sheet Masks. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about rose masks from everyone I’ve talked to, and I personally have a rose and witch hazel toner that I use twice a day and absolutely love! My skin always feels refreshed and smooth after using it, so I can’t wait to try these. The third type of sheet mask is the 3 Botanical That Day Sheet Masks, designed to give your skin some much needed TLC while on your period. I don’t really get mine anymore; since starting the Deppo shot, the most I have is some light spotting. But I’ve noticed that around the time I should be having my period, my skin does tend to break out a bit more than it used to, so I’ll definitely be giving these a try during that time to see if it can manage that well!

Along with the sheet masks, this kit comes with a Botanical Mellow Pink Calamine Clay Mask. I do love clay masks, though the only one I have right now is for exfoliating, so I’m excited to give a jelly clay mask a shot! This one detoxes and hydrates skin, which is always good, but is also supposed to help alleviate some redness and flakiness.When my skin gets super bad, it gets really rough and does flake sometime, though it’s always got a bit of red to my cheeks and chin, so I’m excited to see if this might help with that.

sheep mask
My sheep eye mask will be glad to retire to bed!

Besides the masks themselves, the kit also comes with a rough pink sponge to help cleaning up clay masks and removing them from your face. That’s always my least favorite part of the masks, so anything to help with that is great! It’s got a bit of a grainy texture, so it seems like it might do a small bit of exfoliating as well, which would always be a plus. Also included is a super cute kitty ear headband to keep your hair back while you’re doing a mask. As someone with bangs and a good amount of hair framing my face, I’m always struggling to find ways to keep everything back. I haven’t had a good headband that I’d want to use for that, so I’ve been using a mixture of ponytails and my sleep mask as a headband, but this’ll work a lot better. Plus, it’s super adorable, and who doesn’t love kitty ears?


All together, my final total was 53$, which I think is super good for everything I got! I’m hoping it’ll last me to the end of the semester, and it’ll be a really good way to unwind, relax, and do some good ol’self care when I have a bad day or need to hit the reset button! If you have some favs from memebox, or just other face masks you absolutely love or places you love to buy from, feel free to comment!

And remember, you are a child of the universe, with stardust in your veins, and the world is yours if you ask for it. Love yourself! And know that you are loved.


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